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Please note the administrative history information provided on the State Records Authority website is limited in scope and is not intended to be exhaustive. The administrative histories for government agencies found on State Records’ website are intended to provide general information relating to a government body or agency, changes to organisational structure, governance, purpose and may also include details of relevant information and changes made to it from time to time. Major structural or functional changes are generally included to assist in understanding the context of the records held as State archives. For specific information the relevant government body or agency should be contacted directly.

Agency number: 1937
Title: Crown Advocate
Start date: 09 May 1979
End date:
Creation: Crown Advocate Act, 1979 (Act No.59, 1979)

Administrative history note: The Crown Advocate was appointed under the provisions of the Crown Advocate Act, 1979 (Act No.59). (1)

The Crown Advocate advises the Attorney General, particularly on questions arising under the criminal law, and appears for the NSW Government in criminal proceedings of special significance (2). Under the Act the Crown Advocate assists the Solicitor General in respect of the exercise or discharge by the Solicitor General of any powers, authorities, duties or functions delegated by the Attorney General under section 4 of the Solicitor General Act, 1969. (3)

The Crown Solicitor advises and assists any crown prosecutor, member of the police force or, if directed by the Attorney General or Solicitor General, any other person in respect of the conduct of criminal proceedings. (4)

From 1 July 2009 when the Attorney General's Department was abolished the Crown Advocate became a branch of the new Principal Department, the Department of Justice and Attorney General. (5)

From 4 April 2011 when the name of the Department of Justice and Attorney General was changed the Crown Advocate became a branch of the Department of Attorney General and Justice. (6)

Footnotes and References:
(1) Crown Advocate Act, 1979 (Act No.59)
(2) NSW Government Directory 2000
(3) Annual Report for the Attorney General's Department for the year ended 30 June 1979
(4) Op Cit
(5) Public Sector Employment and Management (Departmental Amalgamations) Order 2009 (2009 No 352) cls. 20; notified on NSW Legislation website, 27 July 2009.
(6) Public Sector Employment and Management (Departments) Order 2011 (2011 No 184) cls. 36; notified on NSW Legislation website, 3 April 2011.


Preceding agencies:

Succeeding agencies:

Superior agencies:
11 Department of Attorney General and of Justice (1901-1984) Attorney-General's Department [I] (1984-1991)  09 May 1979 ~ 30 Jun 1991 
1936 Solicitor General starts 03 Dec 1969 
4072 Attorney General's Department [II]  01 Jul 1991 ~ 04 Apr 1995 
4073 Attorney General's Department [III]  05 Apr 1995 ~ 01 Jul 2009 
6318 Department of Justice and Attorney General (2009-2011) Department of Attorney General and Justice [II] (2011-2014) Department of Police and Justice (2014) Department of Justice [II] (2014- ) starts 01 Jul 2009 

Subordinate agencies:

Related agencies:

Functions exercised by this agency:
1 Law and Order starts 09 May 1979 

Organisations controlling this agency:

Persons related to this agency:

Record series created by this agency:

Record series controlled by this agency:

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