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Please note the administrative history information provided on the State Records Authority website is limited in scope and is not intended to be exhaustive. The administrative histories for government agencies found on State Records’ website are intended to provide general information relating to a government body or agency, changes to organisational structure, governance, purpose and may also include details of relevant information and changes made to it from time to time. Major structural or functional changes are generally included to assist in understanding the context of the records held as State archives. For specific information the relevant government body or agency should be contacted directly.

Series number: 1170 
Title: Registers of Conditional Pardons 
Start date: 16 Dec 1791 
End date: 27 Aug 1841 
Contents start date: 16 Dec 1791 
Contents end date: 27 Aug 1841 

Descriptive note: 16 Dec 1791-6 Dec 1825 (4/4430), 1 Jan 1837-27 Aug 1841 (4/4481). 2 vols. 

See also Convict Guide.

This description is extracted from Concise Guide to the State Archives of New South Wales, 3rd Edition 2000.

Home location: This series is held at Western Sydney Records Centre. 
Format: Volumes 


Bridging aids: An index that includes this series is available on the State Records web site Index to convict pardons. 
Copies: Microfiche copy State Records Fiche 820-823. This series forms part of the Archives Resources Kit which can be used in many locations throughout New South Wales. Another microfilm copy of [4/4430] State Records Reel 774, photocopy COD19 - available in reading rooms. This series forms part of the Archives Resources Kit which can be used in many locations throughout New South Wales. 
Item control status: Item lists are not available electronically 

Creating agency:
16 Colonial Secretary and Registrar of the Records of New South Wales (1821-1824) Colonial Secretary (1824-1856) Colonial Secretary or Principal Secretary to the Government (1856-1859) Chief Secretary...  01 Jan 1821 ~ 27 Aug 1841 
1861 Secretary to the Governor  16 Dec 1791 ~ 01 Jan 1821 

Current agency responsible:
10 Premier's Office [II] (1988) / Premier's Department [II] (1988-2007) / Department of Premier and Cabinet (2007- )  

Preceding series:

Succeeding series:

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Controlling series:

Controlled series:

Activities documented by this series:
85 Convict Administration  16 Dec 1791 ~ 27 Aug 1841 

Persons creating this series:

Record items in this series:

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