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Series number: 13725 
Title: Register of wills proved and letters of administration granted 
Start date: 1817 
End date: 1824 
Contents start date: 1817 
Contents end date: 1824 

Descriptive note: Copies of wills proved under the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court with the relevant letters of administration or probate orders.

The dates refer to those of the probate order or letters of administration rather than the dates of the wills which in many instances are much earlier than the former.

(7/2582; microfilm copy SR Reel 2658). 1 vol.

This description is extracted from Concise Guide to the State Archives of New South Wales, 3rd Edition 2000.

Home location: This series is held at Western Sydney Records Centre. 
Format: Volumes 


Bridging aids: An index is available on State Records web site Index to early probate records. 
Copies: Microfilm copy State Records Reel No. 2658 - available in Readomg Rooms 
Item control status: Item lists are not available electronically 

Creating agency:
1043 Supreme Court of Civil Judicature  01 Jan 1817 ~ 31 Dec 1824 

Current agency responsible:
23 Supreme Court of New South Wales  

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Controlling series:

Controlled series:

Activities documented by this series:
5 Trusteeship  01 Jan 1817 ~ 31 Dec 1824 

Persons creating this series:

Record items in this series:

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