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Series number: 1784 
Title: Indexes to registers of inquests and inquiries [Sydney Coroner] 
Start date: 1883 
End date: 1938 
Contents start date: 1883 
Contents end date: 1938 

Descriptive note: Show surname and christian name of the deceased, the number of the inquest and page number location within the appropriate register.

(2/780-81; 7/1471). 3 vols.

This description is extracted from Concise Guide to the State Archives of New South Wales, 3rd Edition 2000.

Home location: This series is held at Western Sydney Records Centre. 
Format: Volumes 


Bridging aids:  
Copies: Microfilm copy of the series up to 1911 State Records NSW Reel No. 1390 - available in reading rooms. 
Item control status: Item lists are not available electronically 

Creating agency:
4764 Sydney Coroner  01 Jan 1883 ~ 31 Dec 1938 

Current agency responsible:
4764 Sydney Coroner  

Preceding series:

Succeeding series:

Related series:

Controlling series:

Controlled series:

Activities documented by this series:
16 Coronial Inquests  01 Jan 1883 ~ 31 Dec 1938 

Persons creating this series:

Record items in this series:

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