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Series number: 905 
Title: Main series of letters received [Colonial Secretary] 
Start date: 1826 
End date: 1982 
Contents start date: 1826 
Contents end date: 1982 

Descriptive note: Earlier letters on a particular matter are located with the last letter on the subject and arranged:
  • 1826-32 (by registered number);
  • 1833-49 (in subject bundles, usually according to the last person who handled the matter);
  • 1850+ (by registered number) 

    For a searchable database of the item list for this series see Colonial Secretary's Correspondence Guide.

    A partial index is available on State Records web site Index to Miscellaneous Immigrants, 1828-43.

    This description, as amended, is extracted from Concise Guide to the State Archives of New South Wales, 3rd Edition 2000.

    Home location: This series is held at Western Sydney Records Centre. 
    Format: Bundles of Papers 


    Bridging aids: See Colonial Secretary Correspondence Guide for further details. 
    Item control status: Item lists are not available electronically. 

    Creating agency:
    16 Colonial Secretary and Registrar of the Records of New South Wales (1821-1824) Colonial Secretary (1824-1856) Colonial Secretary or Principal Secretary to the Government (1856-1859) Chief Secretary...  01 Jan 1826 ~ 31 Dec 1982 

    Current agency responsible:
    10 Premier's Office [II] (1988) / Premier's Department [II] (1988-2007) / Department of Premier and Cabinet (2007- )  
    564 Department of Aboriginal Affairs  

    Preceding series:
    897 Main series of letters received [Colonial Secretary] starts 1826 

    Succeeding series:

    Related series:

    Controlling series:
    922 Indexes and Registers to letters received [Colonial Secretary] 1826 ~ 31 Dec 1921 
    923 Card index [Colonial Secretary] 1923 ~ 31 Dec 1941 
    929 Register of letters received from the Lieutenant Governor of New Zealand addressed to the Governor of New South Wales 1840 ~ 04 Jul 1842 
    930 Register of orders and addresses from the Legislative Council and Assembly 1853 ~ 31 Dec 1857 
    932 Register of Despatches sent to the Colonial Secretary for action by the Government (M/B registrations) 1890 ~ 31 Dec 1912 

    Controlled series:

    Activities documented by this series:

    Persons creating this series:

    Record items in this series:

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