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Please note the administrative history information provided on the State Records Authority website is limited in scope and is not intended to be exhaustive. The administrative histories for government agencies found on State Records’ website are intended to provide general information relating to a government body or agency, changes to organisational structure, governance, purpose and may also include details of relevant information and changes made to it from time to time. Major structural or functional changes are generally included to assist in understanding the context of the records held as State archives. For specific information the relevant government body or agency should be contacted directly.

Agency number: 475
Title: Wentworth Gaol
Start date: 01 Dec 1870
End date: ? 27 Feb 1928
Category: Correctional Centre
Creation: Proclaimed 1 December 1870 ( NSW Government Gazette, No.295, 6 December 1870, p.2711 )
Abolition: Administrative decision

Administrative history note: The Wentworth police Watch-house or 'lock-up' used to confine prisoners with sentences of fourteen days or less was proclaimed to be a prison on 1 December 1870. (1)

Some necessary improvements to prisoner accommodation were effected during 1877 after which the Gaol was reported to house three separated and nine associated prisoners (2)

When the Prisons Act 1899 was enacted Wentworth Gaol was one of those listed in the second schedule as existing 'public gaols, prisons or houses of correction' (3)

The Goal closed in 1928. The two final prisoners who had been sentenced on 9 February 1928 were transferred to the Broken Hill Gaol on 27 February 1928. Which is possibly the official date of closure. (4)

(1) NSW Government Gazette No. 295, 1870, p. 2711
(2) Prisons report for 1877, A. R. 1878/79, v.2, p.1030
(3) Prisons Act, Second Schedule, The Statutes of NSW 1899, p. 249
(4) Wentworth Gaol, Entrance and description book, State Records Kingswood CGS 2585 [5/1510]


Preceding agencies:

Succeeding agencies:
463 Silverton Gaol (1888 - 1892) Broken Hill Gaol [I] (1892- ) starts ? 27 Feb 1928 

Superior agencies:
1 Department of Prisons (1874-1970) Department of Corrective Services (1970-2009)  14 Aug 1874 ~ 27 Feb 1928 
5 Sheriff  06 Dec 1870 ~ 13 Aug 1874 

Subordinate agencies:

Related agencies:

Functions exercised by this agency:
1 Law and Order  06 Dec 1870 ~ 27 Feb 1928 

Organisations controlling this agency:

Persons related to this agency:

Record series created by this agency:
2585 Entrance and description book [Wentworth Gaol]  03 Jan 1899 ~ 09 Feb 1928 

Record series controlled by this agency:

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