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Please note the administrative history information provided on the State Records Authority website is limited in scope and is not intended to be exhaustive. The administrative histories for government agencies found on State Records’ website are intended to provide general information relating to a government body or agency, changes to organisational structure, governance, purpose and may also include details of relevant information and changes made to it from time to time. Major structural or functional changes are generally included to assist in understanding the context of the records held as State archives. For specific information the relevant government body or agency should be contacted directly.

Organisation number: 21
Title: Sydney Olympics 2000 Bid Limited
Start date: 19 Jun 1991
End date: 19 Jul 1996
Creation: 204 Certificate of Registration Division 1 Part 2.2
Abolition: 524B Liquidator's Final Account and Statement became effective

Descriptive note: In 1991 the New South Wales Government resolved to enter the contest to host the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

Sydney Olympics 2000 Bid Limited was formed to prepare the bid. The Articles of Association nominate the Premier as President of the Company whose role included the Chairmanship of the Board. The Board consisted of between three and 15 directors. The Chief Executive was appointed by the Chairman. Sydney Olympics 2000 Bid Limited applied for registration as a public company and received certification on 19 June 1991. Mr R.H. McGeoch was the Chief Executive Officer from 31 July 1991 until 8 December 1995 and the secretary was R.A. Prater. The directors represented the New South Wales Government, the Council of the City of Sydney and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and included P.W. Coles, D.B. McDonald, F.E. Sartor (Lord Mayor of Sydney), G.C.E. Wild, D.W. Smithers, B. Baird, J.D. Coates, J.T. Devitt, A.E. Harris, G.G. Lovett, J.G. Valder, and N.F.H. Greiner. A number of staff were seconded from the Premier’s Department to assist the company. (1)

The main functions of the company were to a) prepare the bid and b) to promote Sydney as the preferred location for the Olympic Games.

The Company prepared a Strategy plan in September 1991 to assist in the accomplishment of its objectives. The plan demonstrated Sydney’s ability to host the Games based on its commitment to Olympism, and a marketing strategy which would assist in winning the Games. (2) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) set guidelines for the preparation of bids in February 1992 prescribing the limits which a bidding country should not exceed in order to secure their votes. The guidelines were, however, not comprehensive and the Committee did not enforce adherence to these guidelines. (3)

Sydney was formerly registered as a bidding City in April 1992 (4) and the company was represented at the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville and the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, in 1992, sundry meetings of the ‘Olympic Family’ and other international promotional visits. Its work culminated with the IOC vote on the bidding cities in Monte Carlo 0n 23 September 1993 at which the games were awarded to Sydney. (5)

In mid 1993 the structure of the company consisted of the President, four vice presidents and 11 directors. In addition to the Chief Executive there was a General Manager. Five Commissions subordinate to the board dealt with Sports, Finance, Communications, Culture, and Buildings. The operational branches were planning and design, finance, communications, bid operations and bid relations.

The functions Sydney Olympics 2000 Bid Committee were officially completed in September 1993. The Australian Securities Commission was advised of a resolution winding up the company and of the appointment of a liquidator on 29 March 1994. (6) The liquidator’s final account was effective from 19 July 1996. (7)

The Company operated from premises in The Maritime Centre, 207 Kent Street, Sydney

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1990 Sydney Olympics 2000 Bid Limited  19 Jun 1991 ~ 09 Jul 1996 

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