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Please note the administrative history information provided on the State Records Authority website is limited in scope and is not intended to be exhaustive. The administrative histories for government agencies found on State Records’ website are intended to provide general information relating to a government body or agency, changes to organisational structure, governance, purpose and may also include details of relevant information and changes made to it from time to time. Major structural or functional changes are generally included to assist in understanding the context of the records held as State archives. For specific information the relevant government body or agency should be contacted directly.

Person number: 240
Surname: Wyndham
Given name(s): Harold Stanley
Alternative name:
Birth date: 27 Jun 1903
Death date:
Prenomial honorifics: Dr
Postnomial honorifics:

Offices held:
Minister in NSW Government: No

Biographical note: A biographical note for Dr Wyndham has not yet been prepared, however the following notes may assist in placing the records created by him into their context.

Born 27 June 1903, Forbes NSW
Educated- Fort Street High School Sydney, University- Sydney, Melbourne and Stanford
Flight Lieutenant RAAF 1942
Lecturer in Education Sydney Teachers' College 1925-1927, 1929-1930, 1934
NSW Teachers' Federation Travelling Scholar and Carnegie Research Fellow in USA and Great Britain 1932-1934
Married 21 April 1936
(Source: Who's Who in Australia 1955 p.829)

Harold Stanley Wyndham born 27 June 1903. First appointed 2 February 1925. Research Officer 23 January 1935
[Source: Public Service List 1936 p.96]

Staff Inspector 11 January 1946
[Source: Public Service List 1946 p.102]

Deputy Director General of Education 28 April 1951-
[Source: Public Service List 1952 p.1 December 1952]

Director General of Education and Permanent Head 1 December 1952
[Source: Public Service List 1960 p.152]

Director General 1/12/1952-31/12/1968-
[Source: NSW Department of Education and Training Government Schools of NSW 1848-2003 p.230

Many educators in NSW consider the Report of the Committee Appointed to Survey Secondary Education in New South Wales, chaired by Dr. Harold Wyndham and presented on the 28th October 1957, as the most seminal Report on education in NSW this century since the reforms of the then Director General, Peter Board [1910-11] which had established the Immediate and Leaving Certificate structure. The Wyndham Report led to the Education Act of 1961 which changed secondary schooling from 5 to 6 years with external examinations after 4 years and 6 years of study.

[From the Ministerial Advisory Committee of the Quality of Teaching Web site. https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/reviews/macqt/standa21.htm. Accessed 7 February 2006]

In the first year of high school students studied a broad range of subjects from which they together with their teachers identified their strengths and determined the subjects they would pursue in the later high school years. The subject selection available in the second and subsequent years were generally increased in accordance with the school's resources.
[Source: Report of the Minister for Education for the year 1961 p. 6)


Ministries containing this person:

Portfolios this person held as minister:

Functions exercised by this person:
2 Education and Training  02 Feb 1925 ~ 31 Dec 1968 

Agencies related to this person:
88 Department of Public Instruction (1880-1915) Department of Education (1915-1989) Department of School Education (1989-1997)  28 Apr 1951 ~ 01 Dec 1952 
88 Department of Public Instruction (1880-1915) Department of Education (1915-1989) Department of School Education (1989-1997)  01 Dec 1952 ~ 31 Dec 1968 
96 Inspector of Schools Branch   01 Jan 1946 ~ 27 Apr 1951 

Record series created by this person:
3879 Semi-official correspondence of Dr H.S. Wyndham, Director General of Education  01 Jan 1949 ~ 31 Dec 1968 
3880 Papers of Dr H.S. Wyndham relating to State Directors' Conferences  01 Jan 1952 ~ 31 Dec 1968 

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