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Photo Investigator Search Options

There are over 6000 images to search!

We recommend using the subject search or search by series options, initially, as a way of familiaring yourself with the range of subjects and the available record series.

Search Tips

Subject Search

Allows you to browse through an alphabetical list of subject headings. It limits your search to the subject headings that have been assigned to the images. Use the alpahabetical list to browse to a subject and select the subject name to display search results.

Simple Keyword Search

Finds word(s) anywhere in the record. It allows you to search single or multi word phrases, eg., Hotel, Three Crowns Hotel.

Enter the keyword in a singular form eg., horse (not horses) and click on the "Search" button.

Advanced Search

Refine your search by using up to three keywords, and imposing a date range for the search.

For example:

Search by Series

This allows you to browse through selected or a complete set of thumbnail images from individual series.

Search by Digital ID

A quick way to find an image if you know all or part of the digital ID.


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